March 03, 2004 · Moments of reflection

I would like to conduct my field research on the actual streets of Chicago. My analysis of people and spaces will begin along two well-known Chicago streets, Wabash and Michigan Ave. The great mix of culture and large variety of people will allow me to look at the way we as a society react to various sounds, lights, cars, footsteps, coats, beggars, doormen, parking lots, cops, cab drivers, wind tunnels, anonymity.

If you read the last sentence and you seem confused about this research, I understand. First of all, in all honesty, I don’t really know what this research will bring for me and for you. Second, I know what I see; moreover I see what you probably don’t see. I am that person that is never part of the crowds among the streets. I am never just walking along doing my daily routine. Even if I have to be somewhere on time I can’t keep myself from looking around. It is habitual for me to look at people under any condition or circumstance. The extraordinary thing is that I have never seen the same car turning around the corner while a doorman was shouting “hi” to one of his friends walking on the other side of the street, ready to light his cigarette at 11:32 am. I have never seen the same light from a 5 o’clock October red sunset bouncing off the Bank One building after I gave a beggar one of my leftover muffins. I have never heard the exact annoying penetrating voice of a hyperkinetic woman answering a call when I’m still waking up on the 7 am bus headed to school. The bottom line is that once in a while it is good to look around and stop and think for a while. I would like to compose a red line through my stills, several short stories of what I see, hear, and imagine.